5th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2011 (5th SASTech)

Civil Engineering & Geoinformation Technology

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1- A high resolution finite volume method for dam break simulation
2- A Micro-plane Damage Model for Plane Concrete after Exposure to the High Temperature
3- A New symbol Timing Synchronization Scheme for Multi Band OFDM Ultra Wideband (MB-OFDM UWB) systems
4- A Numerical Study on Application of SMA alloys in
5- A Survey on Displacement Resonance Factor Supplemented to Linear Analysis Responses for Actual Displacements
6- An analysis to road safety in roads of Khorasan province in recent years
7- An Investigation of Unsteady Flow over an Obstacle using Imaging System
8- Analysis and Evaluation of Software Architecture by Using Ontology
9- Analysis of Pore Pressure and Stresses around a Borehole A Local Thermal non-Equilibrium Approach
10- Analysis of Stone Columns Reinforced Weak Soil under Harmonic Vibrations
11- Analysis of the Resistance of Joints in Reinforced Concrete Strengthened by FRP Sheets against Released Forces of Earthquake
12- Analysis of Uncertainty Considerations in
13- Application of Finite Volume Method for Structural Analysis
14- Application of Self-Compacting Concrete, Worldwide
15- Application, Polymeric composites in strengthening of structures in bushehr monuments
16- Appointment of appropriate sites for waste disposal by GIS
17- Assessment of Deforestation of Riverine Forests of Nawabshah & Hyderabad Divisions Using Landsat Data
18- Assessment of effective transportation’s attributes in crisis management’s methods
19- Assessment the effect of various meshing in finite volume precision in order to numerical solution of seepage diffusion equation beneath the Roller Compacted Concrete dam
20- Behaviour of steel reduced beam web (RBW) connections with drilled voids
21- Behaviour of steel reduced beam web (RBW) connections with
22- Climate Change and Its Impacts on Tourism Industry
23- Compaction Characteristics of Reinforced Soil
24- Comparing the behavior of confined HSC beams with AFRP sheets under bending
25- Compressive Behavior of Composite Soils Reinforced with Polypropylene Fiber and Polyvinyl Acetate Resin
26- Correlating Moisture Diffusion and Cure behavior of Vinyl Ester Resin Organoclay Nanocomposites
27- Correlation between Cone and Standard Penetration tests
28- Detection and monitoring of algal blooms in Persian Gulf using MODIS images
29- Development of a new testfield to model errors in terrestrial laser scanner data
30- Dynamic Time History Analysis of Plane Frame with Tuned Mass Damper by Considering Soil-Structure Interaction.
31- Economical and Social Effects of the Meijaran Dam
32- Effect of concrete temperature and formwork width on variation pressure formwork of Self-Compacting Concrete
33- Effect of Type of Earthquake Seismic Analysis of Concrete cube shaped Tanks Buried According to the Interaction of Soil Structure
34- Effects of foundation flexibility on seismic analysis of a double curvature concrete arch dam
35- Emergency Action Plans Implemented with Early Warning System (EAP-EWS) in Downstream Valley of Dams, a Real Case Study
36- Estimate stage-discharge relation for rivers
37- Estimating variations in permeability of earth-dam body during leakage phenomenon by neural network
38- Evaluating earthquake vulnerability with the help of fuzzy logic and GIS (Case study Tehran, District 16)
39- Evaluation of 3D Surface Matching algorithm in Automatic Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds
40- Evaluation of the Impact of Misregistration Error in Fused Images on the Accuracy of Feature Extraction
41- Experimental Determination of Waste Tire Chip-Sand-Geogrid Interface Parameters Using Large Direct Shear Tests
42- Experimental Investigation of the effect of Contraction on Scouring in Downstream of Combined flow over Weirs and below Gates
43- Experimental Investigation on Discharge Coefficient of Side Weir in Floodwater spreading systems
44- Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Pressures over Simple Flip Bucket
45- Flexible Spaces in Architectur
46- Flood Risk Management Using MCDM Systems
47- Hyperspectral Data as a Tool for Mineral Exploration
48- Improvement The Seismic Behavior Of Existing Steel Structures In Iran By TADAS Damper Modern Technology
49- Inverting a Canopy Reflectance Model Using an Iterative Optimization Technique to Retrieve Canopy Chlorophyll Content
50- ISECK Improved Survivable and Efficient Clustered Keying
51- Laboratory Study of Shear Strength Parameters of Sand Reinforced with Geotextile Layers
52- Landslide susceptibility assessment for propose the best variant of road network
53- Lateral Earth Pressure Based on Experimental Slip Surface
54- Migration after Natural Disasters, Case Study” The 2003 Bam Earthquake.”
55- Modeling Effective Indicators of Construction Projects Using Fuzzy TOPSIS Method
56- Modeling of Sediment Transport Conditions due to Dam-break
57- Modulus of Elasticity of Reinforced Soil
58- New Directions towards Industrialization in Construction
59- Nonlinear seismic response of high concrete arch dams subjected to foundation non-uniform excitation
60- Numerical Investigation of Passed Flow Different Parameters over a
61- Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring Using MODIS Data
62- On the importance of using knowledge and the manner of incorporating it into the image analysis
63- Optimization of construction time-cost trade-off
64- Optimum layout of Soil Nailed Wall by Genetic Algorithm
65- Optimum site selection for support centers and health clinics by GIS and DEA (Case studyTehran,District 16)
66- Outdoor Public Spaces with Better Microclimate Condition
67- Parametric Evaluation of Cable Stayed Bridges with Dynamic Push-Over Analysis
68- Precast Peat Columns Stabilized with Cement and Fibers to Reinforce Peat Deposits
69- Precision Evaluation of RPCs in HRSI Orientation of Geoeye
70- Pre-flood Inundation Mapping for Flood Early Warning
71- Recognition of Risk Reduction Methods against Disaster in Historical Places in Iran (Case study Qazvin Old Bazaar)
72- Retrieval of Total Perceptible Water (TPW) From NOAA -16 Satellite Data over Land
73- Review of rice husk ash effect in sustainability
74- Seismic Analysis of Buried Tanks According to the Interaction of Fluid and Structure
75- Set-up Influence on Axial Capacity Increase of Driven Piles
76- Spectral Reconstruction of the Pixels in a Satellite Image through
77- Structural Systems According to the Mathematical Theory of Fractals
79- Sustainable Architecture In Arid Regions Of Iran
80- The effect of edge stiffener on compressive behavior of
81- The effect of water absorption characteristic of aggregates on compression strength of light-weight concrete
82- The Examination of Shape and Type Effects of Supports on Performance Level of Space Structures by Capacity Spectrum for Vertical Load of Earthquake
83- The presentation of sample and quick model for the
84- Time dependent variation of river bed profile due to mining pit
85- Using of GIS Online technology in water resources management
86- Using Phase Change Materials for Thermal Comfort and Energy Savings in Buildings
87- Wavelet for Estimation of Fractal Dimension in ALOS-PALSAR Images