5th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2011 (5th SASTech)

Computer Engineering & Computer Science

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1- A Comparative Study on Context Modeling Approaches
2- A Comprehensive Assessment and Comparison of Asynchronous Invocation Patterns and Frameworks
3- A direct approach for optimal control of linear delay systems
4- A Framework in the Design of Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems
5- A Framework of Management System Design for
6- A Hybrid Approach for Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes
7- A hybrid mining model based on Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine and Bayesian for credit scoring
8- A new 3D Markovian fuzzy approach for increasing the accuracy of measurement of the calcium deposit in 3D CTA images
9- A New Approach in Web Service Discovery based on QoS Parameters
10- A New Architecture for Efficient Implementation of Neuromorphic Networks based on Nanodevice
11- A New Method for Stemming in Persian Language
12- A new scheduling algorithm design for grid computing tasks
13- A new steganography method based on HIOP(Higher Intensity Of Pixel) and SAOP (Save Address Of Pixel) algorithm
14- A new task Pre-scheduling algorithm by
15- A Novel Approach of Classification in Simulation Optimization Methods
16- A Proposal for information security risk evaluation framework
17- A study of influencing factors of customer satisfaction in continuing use of Internet Banking- case study Mellat Bank
18- A study on FOREX forecasting steps utilizing neural network model
19- A study on part of speech tagging
20- A Survey of three digital image forgery detection methods
21- A Survey of Wormhole Attack and Countermeasures against that in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
22- A SWOT and PEST analysis of e-Government in Iran
23- A template for implementing Information Security Management in university’s educational services system
24- Advances in Fuzzy Path Following of a WMR to Guarantee Successful Navigation
25- Alignment-Free Fingerprint Cryptosystem Based On Multiple
26- An approach for Lung Cancer Pattern Recognition in
27- An Approach of Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance for High Performance Computing Systems
28- An approach to generate software reliability testing data generation based on UML models
29- An Efficient Parallel CMM-CSD Modular Exponentiation Algorithm by Using a New Modified Modular Multiplication Algorithm
30- An efficient symbolic image retrieval method based on TSR and CMM
31- An Infrared Docking System for Modular Wheeled Mobile
32- An optimized clustering algorithm based on K-means using Honey Bee Mating algorithm
33- An Optimized Way for Mapping BPMN to BPEL
34- Applications of Particle Swarm Optimization in
35- Applying Fuzzy Control Based on Model Reference Adaptive Control for Speed Adjustment and DC Motor Drive
36- Approaching to the high availability by using architectural concepts
37- Architecture Development In Stream Languages
38- Attack graph analysis using parallel algorithm
39- Busy Customer Portfolio Management (BCPM)
40- Class Based Congestion Control method for
41- Comparative Study Of Current Control Schemes For Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
42- Comparing the structure and executive model of streamIt and Brook Languages
43- Comparison and Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithms between Wireless Sensor Networks and Interconnection Networks Flexible Spaces in Architectur
46- Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Regimes in MMI couplers
47- Component Based Software Engineering Reliability
48- Computing of Fault Tolerant Mobile Agents in Distributed Systems
49- Data Center Tiers Security Service
50- Design and simulation of a model for authentication, tracing and tracking of Data Center's resources using RFID technology
51- Design of all-optical switch using Kerr nonlinearities and dipole
52- Designing a Meta-Search Engine Considering the User’s Field of Interest
53- Dipole nanolaser
54- Effect of nonlinear absorption on terahertz wave generation via optical rectification in nonlinear crystals
55- Effective Knowledge Management Infrastructure Using
56- Efficient Neuro-predictive Control of a Chemical Plant
57- E-Government in Islamic Republic of Iran Identifying the Obstacles of Implementing and Strategies for Improving E-Government
58- Electronic learning challenges & techniques
59- Evaluating GAIAMethodology in Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
60- Evaluation of Data Mining Classification Techniques and Performances to Banking Customers Credit Scoring
61- Evaluation of digital literacy training staff
62- Evaluation of Two Proposed Systems in Sensor Data Storage in Total Data Parameter
63- Fabric Textile Defect Detection, By Selection An Suitable Subset Of Wavelet Coefficients, Through Genetic Algorithm
64- Face Hallucination by the Aid of Weighted Image Pairs Patches
65- Failure Prediction Using Robot Execution Data
66- Fuzzy based Design and tuning of distributed systems load balancing controller
67- High Frequency Electrical Discharge Plasma Used for Synthesis of NanoParticle and Study on Nanoparticle’s Size Distribution
68- Hybrid Imperialist Competitive Algorithm and Dynamic Validity Index to find the best clusters
69- Hyperspectral Imaging for the Food Industry
70- Identifying the Evaluation Model of the Performance of Accounting Instructors
71- Image Retrieval Based on Eten Fuzzy Color Histogram and place location
72- Importance and the Role of Requirement Engineering
73- Improving Software Quality by Pattern Driven Software Architecture
74- Independent Motion Detection using Optical Flow on Stereo Images
75- Intelligent transportation systems Past, present and look to future by using Grid technology
76- Introducing a new enhanced method in peripheral maintenance simulation and a software based approach to solve the model
77- Investigating the role of Information and communication technologies in the Digital Economy and future Internet as a new phenomenon
77- Investigation of Free-Convection Heat Transfer for an Al- Nanofluid Solution Model
78- Malicious Node Detection in Cognitive Radio using Fuzzy Weighted Trust Evaluation
79- Mapping ITIL Services to Ontology-Based Model to More Use in Enterprises
80- Measurement of Distortion in Multi-tone Modulation Fiber-based analog CATV Transmission System
81- Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Localization Based on Support Vector Machines
82- Modeling Mode-Locked Fiber Soliton Lasers based Optical Communication Networks
83- Modify thermoelectric properties of ZnO with ZrO2 nanoparticles additive
84- Neuro – Fuzzy Controller for Position Control of Robot Arm
85- New Algorithm For Mining Frequent Patterns Using Graph And Clique Algorithms
86- Offering an approach on the basis of Bayesian network to evaluate the reliability of architecture in a family of software products
87- Ontology’s Fuzzy Relations Modeling and Extracting Hidden Fuzzy Relations in OWL Fuzzy Improvement
88- Optimization of Farsi Letter Arrangement on Keyboard by Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms
89- Optimization of timetabling structures based on evolutionary algorithms
90- Performance Evaluation of WRF Meteorology Model in Parallel Processing Systems
91- Personalized recommendation systems in e-learning
92- Project Management, A Solution for ERP Failures
93- Proposing a suggested design in order to obtain interoperability in Ultra large scale systems
94- Radial FTP
95- Reachability Analysis and Simulation of Stochastic Hybrid Systems using an Adaptive Time Step Scheme
96- Recognition of Handwritten Farsi Digits Using DTW Algorithm
97- Recognition of vocal commands of a driver while driving in a noisy environment
98- Reflections on Modeling Systems’ Resilience
99- Representing an efficient way to optimize coverage of sensors in wireless sensor network
100- Review and Comparison some model driven methodologies and mapping MDA to RUP
101- Review and Determine Efficient Factors in Grid Computing
102- Review the challenges and barriers to applying information and communication technology (ICT) in education management
103- Robust Linear Parameter-Varying State-Observer for an Induction Motor
104- Satellite Attitude Determination Using GPS Receiver Based on Wahba Cost Function
105- Security in grid computing
106- security model for Service-oriented Architecture(soa)
107- Service Oriented Architecture for integrated enterprise systems
108- SHD a New Sensor Data Storage
109- Social Networks for Marketing Benefits and Challenges
110- Software complexity Methodologies Comparisons
111- Study on Immune System of human body and its relationship with Risk Management in organizations
112- Survey the most self-healing operating system
113- The automatic blood -pressure control during
114- The combination of architecture and the agile methods of software development
115- The Combine of revelations of ant colony optimization algorithm and genetic algorithm based on a fuzzy logic to enquiring high dimension datasets
116- The presentation of a new method resulted from patterns overlapping for handwritten Farsi digits recognition
117- The role of Edublogs in next generation classes
118- Trust Modeling Based on Friendship and Similarity of Agents
119- Truth and Learning in Multi-Agent Markets
120- Using Nonlinear Image Processing Techniques for Realizing Seismogenic Lineaments in Northern Regions of Iran
121- Wavelength Division Demultiplexer for Optical Communication Applications Based on Photonic Crystals
122- Web-based Simulation Using Semantic Web
123- Optimize the architecture and light designing system with webench led online method