5th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2011 (5th SASTech)

Architecture and Urban studies

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1- “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) in Iran SBS affects on Office Workers
2- A Comparison of the Effects of Traditional Rural Settlements and Modern Settlements.doc
3- Adaptation of New Concept in Growth Management for Iranian Cities
4- Aspect of city via Nightlife
5- Automatic Extraction of Buildings in a Dense Urban Area from Very High Resolution Satellite Images
6- Cities special for pedestrian
7- An Investigation of Unsteady Flow over an Obstacle using Imaging SystemCity Hall, an Arena for Citizen Participation
9- Compare two atrium with plant and without plant
10- Daylightinging effects on Living Standards in Iran
11- Effect of land use to minimize urban transportation
12- Evaluating the effects of globalization on Tehran’s Urban Form.
13- Examining Possibility of Building Temporary Shelters after Disasters Using BAMBOO Technology in IRAN
14- Exploring an Operational and Practical Approach to Improve User’s Participation in Housing Decision Making Process
15- Good Governance with Participatory Urban Management
16- Green Roofs, Ecological Sustainability and Art
17- How does Indoor Environmental Quality affect on Public Health in Sustainable Urban
18- Human Comfort in Underground Buildings
19- Impact of nanotechnology on urban sustainability;
20- Ingredient of Identify to Framework the Image of New Towns
21- Interaction between consequences of immigration and sustainable urban texture
22- Interaction between consequences of immigration and sustainable urban texture
23- Investigation of Citizens' WTP for Mashhad Air Pollution Reduction Applying Heckit model
24- Investigation of Tehran green Space changes and its role in air pollution Using LANDSAT images from 1980-2010
25- Investigation of urban aggregative area in Iran from compact city theory point of view
26- Investing in a better future evaluating Smart growth and TDM strategies for overcoming sprawl and automobile dependency
27- Lead Poisoning and Related Antisocial behaviors in Urban Environments A Review
28- Learning from the past Public space as an inclusive medium
29- local Investment ; a mechanism for management of sustainable
30- Measurements and analysis of Day Lighting Condition of Schools in Iran
31- Modern Cadastre, Paving Ground for Electronic City in Iran
32- Muslim Pious Foundations as Urban Nucleuses during the Sustainable Development of Ilkhanid Cities a case study of Tabriz
33- Muslim Pious Foundations as Urban Nucleuses during the
34- Pilgrim Economic Role in Sustainable Municipal Revenues
35- Ranking of strategic management indicators in improvement of urban management by using multiple attribute decision method of TOPSIS
36- Relate urban furniture and land graphic with city
37- Risk management urban area designing for attendance of children
38- Role of architectural design in formation
39- Rural Development Strategy for Desert Villages with Emphasis on Rural Tourism
40- Solar energy in contemporary Iranian constructions
41- Solar Urban Planning and Design
42- Strategies for Giving Sense to View the City by Citizens
43- Study of the effect of Public Art with Emphasis on environmental sculpture in increasing urban space quality.
44- Study of the vegetation effect on reduction dust using satellite images (Case study Yazd city)
45- Sustainability in Vernacular Architecture- Outlooks on Iranian Tribes
46- Sustainable Architecture, Conception to Realization
47- Sustainable Concepts in Mosques
48- Symbols Recognition in the Neighborhood Architecture
49- The Comparison of physical, economical and social characteristics of two residential spots (A former village recently shifted to city and a new city)
50- The Creative City, Reflecting New Planning Tendencies for Cities
51- The Effect of Environmental Sustainability in the Architecture of Persian Garden’s Pavilion
52- The effect of sustainable urban infrastructures on the process of formation of historic cities in Iran
53- The Effects of Islamic Values on Design Process of Architecture
54- The necessity of extension of Tent Structures in Iran
55- The necessity of inspiring from nature in architecture
56- The Role of Metro Network in Sustainable Urban Development
57- The Urban Metabolism The Requirement & its Effects on the Environment
58- Today's approach to sustainable development in buildings
59- Tourists optimal path-finding by GIS
60- Traditional Neighborhood Development Indicator of Sustainable Urban Landscape
61- Urban population estimation using remote sensing data
62- Urban Spatial Structure design of coastal cities in order to reduce undesirable effects of climate changes (the case study Fereidunkenar)
63- Urban Transformation and Identity in The Globalization Era
64- Using Passive cooling technology in ResidentialOffice Buildings in hot climate cities of Iran to manage energy consumption